Stefan Sagmeister: Why Beauty Works Better

A cooperation between the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the MAK

Using examples from research, architecture, and also print and packaging design, Stefan Sagmeister will demonstrate that a “beautiful” environment and “beautiful” things influence not only how we feel but also how we behave.
Stefan Sagmeister, born in 1962 in Bregenz, alumni and member of the advisory board of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, blends typography and visual vocabulary in astonishing, refreshing, challenging, and in part disturbing ways. He is a grand master of graphic design, whose work may be seen in the MAK once more, starting on 24 October 2018, in the exhibition SAGMEISTER & WALSH: Beauty.

Free admission
Limited number of tickets, registration essential

Admission from 4 p.m., free choice of seating
The talk will be held in German.
Stefan Sagmeister