Site-Specific Art - Shifting Sites: Territories and Space

Round Table #3

Lectures, Discussions, an Exhibition, and a Bar
Conceived by Mechtild Widrich and the Department of Site-Specific Art
How can geographical concepts that incorporate the impact of humans be understood aesthetically and politically? How do artists deal with territories and demarcation attempts by states and political entities? How do they discover territories or activate them in their imaginations, be they rural, urban, or virtual (or even extraterrestrial or microscopic)? This Round Table #3 combines presentations on topics such as political appropriation, escape and ideal images, urban fringes, virtuality and other immaterial territories.

Dora Imhof (ETH Zurich), Inge Hinterwaldner (Humboldt University of Berlin), Elke Krasny (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), and Beti Žerovc (University of Ljubljana)

This Round Table #3 is accompanied by interventions and exhibitions developed during the courses Activate the Shadows by Johanna Tinzl and Territories of Art after the Anthropocene by Mechtild Widrich. The themes addressed range from the rights of animals to cross political boundaries to the history of debate on mining and resource extraction.

Contributions by:
Sara Bissen, Eylem Ertürk, Johanna Folkmann, Lukas Gritzner, Laura Hatting, Ana Likar, Benedikt Meixl, Benny Nelson, Ivan Pantelić, Raphael Reichl, Zuzanna Zajac

The lectures are accompanied by students´ interventions.

Nicole Six