Artist Lecture Series Vienna - Skulptur und Raum

Soshiro Matsubara

Soshiro Matsubara, born in 1980 in Japan, lives and works in Vienna. He is co-director of XYZcollective since 2011.
Selected solo & two-person exhibitions: Sleeves of Desire II, Brennan&Griffin, NY (2017), there’s hell in hello but more in goodbye., LambdaLambdaLambda at Galeria Dawid Radziszewski, Warsaw (2017), Sleeves of Desire, XYZcollective,Tokyo (2016), ParamountRanch3, XYZcollective, LA (2016).

Selected group exhibitions: Post-Formalist Painting, statements, Tokyo (2017), Madame, Justice, Vienna (2017),  Apropos l’Hiver, Bel Ami, LA (2017), By the lakeside: organized by Yui Yaegashi, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago (2017), SAYONARA Jupiter, 356mission, LA (2017), Commodus Operandi, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago (2016), Stealing Eyes (Imprisoned, Jailbreak, Imprisoned, Jailbreak) cupsule, Tokyo (2016), I’m sorry please talk more slowly, Hikarie, Tokyo (2015), PLUGGS, Karma International, Zürich (2014), XYZcollective at Brennan&Griffen – Man&Play, Brennan&Griffen, NY (2014), The Way of PAINTING, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo (2014).

Artist Lecture Series Vienna is artist run since its founding in 2010.
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Artist Lecture Series Vienna - Skulptur und Raum