Fine Arts and Media Art

Head: Univ.-Prof. Virgil Widrich
Vice Chair: Univ.-Prof. Ruth Schnell

The Institute of Fine Arts and Media Arts comprises twelve departments, each with a different artistic focus. All its departments are oriented to relevant movements in the fine arts and to digital and trans-media art forms. Teaching and art practice within the institute open up and dynamize the artistic disciplines of today, furnish an artistic-theoretical approach to various visualization cultures in art and science, and offer an examination of relevant theoretical and historical principles.

The institute’s foremost aim is to provide its students with a profound education in an atmosphere permeated by intensive debate and communication. Instruction in the departments takes into account the wide spectrum of advanced artistic concepts and methods available, and places equal stress on the synergies produced by a transdisciplinary approach and essential differentiations within each artistic discipline. The heightened emphasis on exchange and collaboration with universities and cultural institutions abroad generates opportunities for international mobility, promotes competent participation in international discourse and creates important preconditions for defining a position in the art world.