First steps

How can i get a student ID card?
As a prospective student you have to apply for admission personally in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs during admission period. Therefore for Diploma-/Bachelor-/Masterprogrammes the successful completion of the entrance procedure/exam is a precondition.
Every student has to pay the required tuition fees/student union fees.
>> Admission (resp. entrance exam/selection process)
>> Admission period
>> Tuition fees
How do I go on after admission?
Your studies start at the beginning of the semester you registered for. We recommend to take a look into the curriculum of your selected study programme and make contact with the respective department.How can I attend courses?
After admission, courses can be attended and Exams can be taken.Where can I find lecture halls, workshops, departments, ...?
For contact information on university staff see: Contact. For information concerning the location of institutes, offices and facilities see Locations


Main artistic subject / Use of supplementary courses/subjects / Changing the field of study / Loss of documents / Discontinuation of studies / Graduation

>> Study route

Continuation / Leave of absence / Participation in a mobility programme

>> Continuation of studies

Registration for courses/exams / Types of courses / Completion of study segment / Recognitions / Confirmations/Credits / Grading system
>> Exams and Recognitions