My Beautiful Monstrosity: Exercising My Creation

Galo Moncayo, Absolvent des IoA, Studio Hadid (Institut für Architektur).
An der Ausstellung nehmen ehemalige und aktuelle StudentInnen der Angewandten teil.

My Beautiful Monstrosity: Exercising My Creation is an upcoming exhibition inspired by the poem “Yo, mounstruo mio” by the Argentine trans philosopher, artist and singer Susy Shock. Curated by Gabi Moncayo-Asan, it combines fashion design, photography, sculptures and poetry to demonstrate the subversive nature of queer auto-perception.

I claim my right to be a monster,
not man
nor woman,
not XXY
nor H2O.
Who am I? Who are we? We inadvertently ask these questions every day. Their answers lie in the ways we physically present ourselves to the world. Auto-perception is where an individual’s communication with the world begins, creating with it a sense of belonging to a community. Someone’s auto-perception of queer is subversive by nature, a break from society’s norms, from what’s expected and accepted, breaking with the heteronormative binary narrative the patriarchy has imposed on us.
Opening on July 10, 2020 at 18:00.
July 10 through September 02, 2020
Fridays 15:00-19:00 or by appointment.
Artist: Amaaena, Felipe Asan, Nanouk Baudrot, Meltem Calisir, Combinege: Amelie Goetzl and Moritz Gottschalk; Dalia Hassan, Luna Von Heflin, Hvala Ilija, Jakob Lena Knebel & Ashley Hans Scheirl in cooperation with House of the Very Island’s; Flora Miranda, Galo Moncayo, Diego Nuñez, Martin Ruibal, $creenshot’n’§avior and Susy Shock.
Gabi Moncayo-Asan is a curator, stylist and fashion editor from Buenos Aires. He’s worked for Harper’s Bazaar as well as Argentine fashion labels Jazmin Chebar and Cher. He now resides in Vienna and aims to increase queer and trans visibility through his international platform.
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My Beautiful Monstrosity: Exercising My Creation


10. Juli 2020 - 18:00
10. Juli 2020 - 02. September 2020
_est_projects Loeschkengasse 7, 1150 Wien