infected structures

sokolowsko tower

Works by students of the Department of DIGITAL ART at the In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation, Sokołowsko / Poland
Exhibiting students: Cagdas Cecen, Felix Dennhardt, Laurus Edelbacher, Severin Gombocs, Raphael Haider, Johannes Lampert, magdimus, Azalea Ortega, Johannes Schrems, Nikita Zhukovskiy, Ruth Zimmermann

Following the exhibition ci_nos in winter 2015 infected structures gives a further insight into the aims of research at the sound_art_lab at the Department of DIGITAL ART, where strategies from time based art like sound are transformed into the field of media and digital art.

infected structures takes place at a historical complex of buildings in Sokołowsko, Poland: Dr. Brehmer´s Sanatorium was established 1855 as a worldwide pioneering facility for the treatment of tuberculosis. Today the sanatorium, whose premises had been bought by the In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation in 2007, is a host to the International Cultural Laboratory. By intervening into the neo-gothic mould, the eleven site-specific works presented pose questions as to the history of the place and its current shape.

The exhibition is a specific complement to residential visits of international artists in Sokołowsko as part of a celebration of the European Cultural Capital Wrocław 2016. It is accompanied by an exhibition booklet.


27. Mai 2016
In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation, Poland
28. Mai 2016 - 29. Mai 2016
In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation, Poland