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Senova, Basak Gastprof. Dr.

The Zone
art, natural sciences, artistic research, curatorial research, interdisciplinary research, transdisciplinary collaboration
“The Zone” is a research-based transdisciplinary collaboration with Bronyn Lace, Marcus Neustetter, and Johannes Jäger supported by the Art and Culture Section of Federal Ministry Republic of Austria. THE ZONE is a meeting place, where experimenters and explorers are not defined by titles or disciplines, but by what lies between their knowledge network and personal experience. Both visual arts and the natural sciences have an extensive history of collecting and presenting their knowledge through institutions. Institutional environments have long determined the conditions of this pre­sentation, often governing and constraining the manners and languages within which these disciplines are expressed and accessed. Despite deep and ongoing connections and intersections concerning inquiry and exploration in the arts and the sciences, when it comes to exhibiting their work, the information is largely partitioned and taken out of its complex native context. The challenges created by economic and political turmoil around the world not only generate socio-cultural complexities, but also lead to a set of crises in both disciplines. Eventually, the resulting survival mode leads to polarization and drives both arts and science into an intellectual corner. It narrows the range of possible forms of exploration and constricts the perspectives that are considered valid or valuable in each field. Both institutional and intellectual constraints reinforce each other, generating a void that isolates and sepa­rates our personal and scientific processes of sense-making. This prevents many of us to be truly present in our lives, to properly sense and grab the opportunities inherent in a world that is more dynamic, complex, and interconnected than ever. Potential solutions to this far-reaching and fundamental problem require new kinds of integrated and holistic sense-making, combining artistic and scientific ways of seeing and exploring the world. The idea is not to find an intersection between arts & science, to translate one into the other, or to bridge the gap be­tween the two. Instead, we explicitly recognize the dialectic tension between our first- and third-person per­spectives on reality as a potential source of a new kind of embodied knowledge, the foundation of a new in­tellectual eco-system—the Zone. Exploring this new conceptual dimension will take us into directions that neither artistic nor scientific methods can explore on their own. This is the central impulse behind this project.
Basak Senova, Marcus Neustetter,
Basak Senova, Marcus Neustetter,, Jäger, Johannes, Bronwyn Lace
Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, Öffentlichen Dienst und Sport,
2020-11-01 – 2021-11-01