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Reichle, Ingeborg Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Open Lab Class
Arbeitsschwerpunkt/laufendes Projekt
Bildende Kunst, Medienforschung, Design
Since summer 2017 the Department of Media Theory offers an open Lab Class to art students and non-scientists where they can engage hands-on with biology and immerse themselves in current biotechnological research. Biotechnology is, without doubt, one of our most important resources for dealing with global challenges, now and in the future, such as food security, water management, pandemics, ecological collapse, climate change, or the need for new sources of energy. Our open Lab Class is designed to provide students from all disciplines with sound practical knowledge about how to bring creative approaches together using experimental methods in art and the life sciences. The aim is to give art students the opportunity to learn and work on biological concepts, bioart and biodesign, basics in genomics, synthetic biology, neuroscience as well as to offer insights into the cultural and social implications of emerging cutting-edge technologies in biotechnology, like genome editing (CRISPR-Cas9). Bioart is a major element to engage with biotechnology in class, because art enables a tangible encounter with a great number of issues.
Abteilung Medientheorie
Ingeborg Reichle
Günter Seyfried