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Neuron Statistic Machine Life: Oikos, Performativity and the Sensory Order Chris Salter Concordia University/Hexagram/MIlieux Institute This performance lecture seeks to make radical epistemic jumps – from the use of cultured neurons in artistic performances to the mathematical performativity of models of neuronal connections that provide the basis for our contemporary “4th revolution” in AI. In it, I interpolate across different scales of systems and performativity, asking what work the concept of performance can do in attempting to describe “living technologies” (Takashi Ikegami) or lively systems (brains, machines, economies) whose ontological and operational order is one that challenges a basic epistemological assumption: that we can know the world.
Name: Chris Salter
Herkunftsinstitution: Concordia University Montreal (Montreal, Kanada)
Zweck des Aufenthalts: Lecture Performance Applied Microperformativity/brut at AIL
Zeitraum: 12.12.2018 bis 15.12.2018