Lehrende und MitarbeiterInnen

Strecker, Lucie wiss. Mitarb., Sen.Art., MMag.

Öffentliches (mediales) Erscheinen künstlerischer Arbeiten
Cairotronica is a festival of Electronic and New Media arts in Cairo, Egypt. Planned to be held biennially. It includes a program of activities, exhibitions, talks, workshops and screenings by local, regional, and international artists as well as academics, and technology experts. Cairotronica aims to inspire, educate, and challenge students and audiences from across the region. For one week, audiences will be exposed to the latest in electronic arts installations in an interactive environment, as well as attend exhibitions, screenings, workshops and out-door performances. All to encourage participants to improve, re-imagine, and develop unexpected but useful ideas and collaborations, that could lead to spreading awareness and knowledge about the possibilities, challenges and side effects that new digital technologies offer, to creating a new international hub and platform for electronic art in the Middle East.
Titel der Produktion: Mykovaluta (2018 / Print)
Datum des Erscheinens: 05.05.2018
Medium: Cataloque Cairo International Electronic&New Media Arts Festival. Future of Pos, Cairo (Ägypten)
Link: http://www.cairotronica.com