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Strecker, Lucie wiss. Mitarb. MMag.

Ausstellungen / Aufführungen
We have long been aware that industrial imperatives result in an exploitation of nature’s commons, however we do not thoroughly analyse how the familiar nature-culture dichotomy has turned into a nature-money dichotomy. As artists we are, like the consumers of our art, involved in a monetary art industry. How might we as artists use cultures’ commons to reflect on an economy based on nature’s commons? How might we create unexpected connections between the other-than-human and our own economic dilemma? We do artistic research on these questions creating live economic experiments with microbes from our guts. We chose gut fungi for several reasons. They are mutually accustomed to humans. They mediate between the human central nervous system and the surrounding ecosystems. Finally, bred fungi in general are sensitive to exploitative domestication: their metabolism and sexual reproduction resists industrial profit-making. In our experiment we relate our gut fungi in real-time to the valuations of our work at the art market. First we use smear tests to harvest fungi from our gut. Fungi in an onstage breeding bioreactor are then fed by our stressed performance audience’s sweat. We then interface these fungi in a loop with our market data. In switching back and forth between metabolic and sexual states, fungi make decisions with elaborate ecological risk-taking, with both the market data and the fungi exchanging information and mutually learning from each other during the performance. In order to juxtapose the complicity of classification, animation and monetary valuation in our performance, we invite a web-streamed shaman to comment on our experiment. The way she earmarks our fungi as a previously human species contrasts the informational codes assigned by us to the fungi with a spiritual essence. Her rituals restructure the dichotomy of the wild and the domesticated and cushion the pervasive danger of excluding the invaluable/unclassifiable by speciation. Through the metabolic life-and-death game, the artists gut fungi perform art valuation processes as ‘second nature’. This derivative further alienates monetary valuations’ alienation to natural resources, making the strangeness of life’s pricing even stranger.
Bezeichnung der Präsentation: Mykovaluta
Art der Präsentation: Performance
Präsentationsort: Palais of Arts - CairoTronica 2018, Kairo (Österreich)
Datum: 10.05.2018