Lehrende und MitarbeiterInnen

Strecker, Lucie wiss. Mitarb. MMag.

Ausstellungen / Aufführungen
Lucie Strecker and Klaus Spiess interactively experiment with audiences, the non-human agency of fungi, cells or DNA, biotechnologies and media. For CairoTronica 2018 they question their own involvement in a monetary art industry: What gives a work of art value? How might a valuation outside of capitalist art economics work? How might we create unexpected connections between the other-than-human and our own economic dilemma? The interactive installation Mykovaluta – Prelude is the first part of this experiment. The viewer will see a wall-sized concept sketch of the methods used. Their emotional reactions will be measured, while an automated audio guide will pose questions and give instructions how to leave a probe with body effluvia. From this probe the artists will later isolate fungi that live inside all of us. All the data collected – measured emotion, verbal answers to questions and the individual fungi – will be used for the next stage of the experiment on 10 May 2018.
Bezeichnung der Präsentation: Mykovaluta - Prelude
Art der Präsentation: Installation
Präsentationsort: Palais of Arts - CairoTronica 2018, Kairo (Ägypten)
Zeitraum: 04.05.2018 bis 11.05.2018