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Strecker, Lucie wiss. Mitarb. MMag.

Ausstellungen / Aufführungen
An evening of unique art experience and auction unfolding at the Click Festival for Art, Science and Technology, Helsingør 2017 The German artist Joseph Beuys commercialized the blood of a hare as an artistic multiple, as the US performer Ann Liv Young, has done with her menstrual blood. During this 70-minute event, a hybrid art derivative, shaped by gene sequences from both artistic relics will be auctioned. Participants will speculate on its future value in a new living currency, coined by the audience’s emotional response to interviews on intimacy and money with Ann Liv Young, present as Sherry Vignion, a fictitious alter ego and therapist. A juxtaposition of biotechnology, experimental economics and post-shamanism deals with questions of what kind of exchange systems artists and collectors will employ and what holds intrinsic value. Affect and metabolism are represented as a subversive mode of exchange between an artwork and its consumers as an alternative to prevailing economic systems.
Bezeichnung der Präsentation: Metabolic Currencies
Art der Präsentation: Performance
Präsentationsort: Click Festival for Arts, Science and Techology, Helsingør (Dänemark)
Zeitraum: 20.05.2017 bis 22.05.2017
Link: http://www.clickfestival.dk/haresbloodmetaboliccurrencies