Lehrende und MitarbeiterInnen

Alunovic, Oliver Rene Stud. Ass.

We The People
Dealing with the Architectural heritage of the Third Reich
Architektur, protest
Hitlers has planned for Linz to become the cultural capital of his third reich. He established a multitude of city development plans, following fascist urban ideologies. The Main Square of Linz is strongly defined by those paradigms. The project is researching a transformation of the Main Square of Linz into a paradise like Hortus Conslusus. The project propagates a new system of typology for a town hall, where decisions can not be made by singular stakeholders anymore, but by a spatial debate. A process that is much more linked to basic ideas of democracy. We dematerialise the existing Architecture to change its definition of empowerment. We emphasise an architecture that doesn’t speak anymore of the user, but of the actor. The functions inside are in a constant negotiation, the actors are a fundamental part of this process. All the public functions of the town hall go into a mystical garden, which releases spaces that can be perceived with all senses. A classical hirarchy becomes a broad, public neighbourhood that, on the one hand, thwarts history and, on the other, proposes a new typology of a town hall, related to the human being.
Oliver Rene Alunovic