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Alunovic, Oliver Rene Stud. Ass.

Not Yet Defined - Research on the Gender Value
A research for spatial articulations within a Roma community in Romania. Gender separating attitudes are present in the community, along with domestic violence. Texts of people, who have lived within the Roma community, have been text mined for the further understanding of the role of the woman in the Roma community. Within the Roma culture there is a complex cultural understanding clean and unclean. The word Mahrime means ritually unclean. The Sinti describe the ritual uncleanliness with palećido, which is also means being neglected and isolated. The idea of ritual uncleanliness represents an elementary component of the traditions of the Roma (Romanipe). It is a general concept that describes the heritage of the strongly present gender separating ideals. Clean/Unclean is separating a community with outsiders, but also for separating individuals within a community. If the transition happens from ritually clean to unclean, a process of separation happens If a person is considered unclean, they are being outlawed, if only for a period of time. For example being unclean is being referred to women, who have their period, or have given birth, for a period of of two months the cannot attend church, cannot get in contact with male working tools. In the community we have have different conflicting views on what collectivity, sociality, collaboration might mean. A complex set of spatial rules dominate the idea of public space of the community. We collected rules of rituals to understand how places related with cleansing change for the Community during the day and even during the year. Graphs shows the annual circle when females are being regarded as unclean, and they are more expected to stay in their residential units. Can Architecture become the tool for circumventing those ideals?, Reflection on the use of the Gender Value The project offers an architecture of the non-binary, by deciphering quotidian gendered biases attributed to architectural elements with the help of an AI. The AI is trained on a digital library that allow the program to attribute a gender specific value to a spatial element, following the gendered logic of the numerous appearances of the given word in a variety literature, the AI was trained at. This technique is commonly used for the automatic translation of a given text, an artificial intelligence has to distinguish the subject of a text of being either male or female. In terms of gender the AI is to discover the “undiscovered public knowledge, that was mentioned by John Lethem. Don Swanson made the assumption that a computerised search engine could potentially solve certain scientific problems more adequate than a human being, as he claims that a lot of scientific solutions can already by found in literature, would they only be assessed by something, able to read and digest it all. Harald Bloom writes that each of us (human) is born with words in our mouth, words that are taken as fixed and eternal. A computerised search engine can discover the gendered biases of each of these words by checking it instantly with a database of millions of books. This tool is constantly in use, to evaluate the spatial architectonical elements in the project. Whitehead introduced the term “Scientific Materialism”. Following Whitehead, the IPE beam for example in itself is senseless, valueless, purposeless, it just does what it does do, following a fixed routine imposed by external relations which do not spring from the nature of its being. These set of external relations are being imposed by the “undiscovered public knowledge”. An aim of the project is to visualise the set of relations of biased and binary mind condition with the built environment. The word to Vector Method translates every word in a mathematical Vector, which can be calculated with. Following this logic: King - Male + Female = Queen. Equally it is possible to put Vectors in relation, sadly man to computer programmer is in the same relation as female to homemaker. , List of Gender Separating and space afflicting Rituals within the Roma culture
Oliver Rene Alunovic