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Alam, Brishty Khatun Univ.-Ass. Mag.art.

Andere Naturwissenschaften, Bildende Kunst, Transdisziplinäre Kunst
On the basis of an invitation in line with the 150 year Jubilium of the foundation of University Hospital “Georgi Stranski”, an exhibition titled “Appendix” shall take place with 22 artists and architects, working on site within various buildings of the hospital. “Appendix” looks at various architectural, historical, political and economic possibilities, where artists produce works within the structures and buildings on site; making use of materials; interacting with medical staff and students, while working outside the traditional white cube spaces of contemporary art. The hospital buildings and surroundings present a broad horizon of possible manifestations, from the skeletal structure of a building, provided a new skin through sculptural and materialistic interventions, or the former University building, to Bulgaria's first medical museum, opened in 1965 - a modernist building designed by architect Atanas Petrov. The participants work in various fields such as architecture, sculpture, new media, painting, performance and associated fields of research. The participants reside in numerous European countries presenting works through specific material, structure and some with concepts such as overtones of body politics, bio-politics, diagnostics, art and science, and more. The very specific space opens questions on the function of institutions and their interaction with others, the historical aspects of medicine from Bulgaria’s political history or the changes introduced in post communist society, its modernisation and the associated complications. The exhibition is funded by the Austrian Cultural Ministry. “A new definition of the status of the patient in society, and the establishment of a certain relationship between public assistance and medical experience, between help and knowledge; the patient has to be enveloped in a collective, homogeneous space.” -- Michel Foucault, The birth of the Clinic Participants: Brishty Alam Minda Andren Josefin Arnell Anna Barfuss Miriam Bethmann Eva Egermann Karine Fauchard Benjamin Grodin Bernhard Garnicnig Lukas Heistinger Ludwig Kittinger Bernd Kräftner Galya Krumova Petya Krumova Lazar Lyutakov Phelim McConigly Billie Meskens Christoph Meier Martyn Reynolds Hans Schabus Axel Stockburger Mads Westrup
Brishty Khatun Alam
Datum, Eröffnung und Ort
2015-01-10 – 2015-10-31
Georgi Stranski University Hospital, Pleven