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Hubin, Andrea Univ.-Lekt. Mag.

Skandalon! Dealing with complicated images.
Kunstpädagogik, Erziehungswissenschaften, Fachdidaktik
Particularly in times of change it is important to be aware of and work on those conflicts that persist within society, and that often continue throughout history and across generations. In the field of gallery education several methods have been developed in order to approach sensitive and contested contents. Nevertheless, vital exchange on and about these procedures of negotiating dissent and conflict between educators in non-school contexts and school teachers is not yet common practice. Coming from the field of critical gallery education, we will present a workshop on how to deal with images which — while intending to address sensitive topics – have caused public scandal. The workshop is based on the thesis that a scandal, to invoke Dario Fo, usually conceals an underlying conflict, rather than revealing it in a way which leads to resolution. Consequently, the method to be used during the workshop will be to virtually break up and reassemble certain images collectively by linking them to the knowledge and ideas of the participants, and to document material from the context of the public scandal which was triggered. In this way we will create “Denkbilder” (“images of thought,” a notion borrowed from Walter Benjamin) with the purpose of generating new and productive insights on the hidden skandalon. Our method involves discussion and the creative techniques of cutting-out and bricolage. It will enable debate on how gallery education and the classroom, as well as adult and child education overlap, on how educators in these fields can learn from each other and together create hybrid methods of learning in times of change.
Andrea Hubin
Titel der Veranstaltung
InSEA Regional Conference Vienna 2016
D’Art – Zentrum für Fachdidaktik Österreich
Karin Schneider
Datum, Zeit und Ort
2016-09-22 – 2016-09-24
Wien (Österreich)