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Kayali, Fares Priv.-Doz., UL, Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Standort: Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7 4. St.
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E-Mail: fares.kayali@uni-ak.ac.at
Publikationen (inkl. Kataloge, DVDs,...)
Not another Z piece!" Adaptive Difficulty in TETRIS 2017
Ethical Considerations for Designing Technology for People with Dementia 2017
Ethical Considerations for Designing Technology for People with Dementia 2017
Design Implications for Technology-Mediated Audience Participation in Live Music 2017
Playful Technology-Mediated Audience Participation in a Live Music Event 2017
Increasing motivation, effort and performance through game-based rehabilitation 2017
Game-based Rehabilitation for Myoelectric Prosthesis Control 2017
A proposed framework for the collection of health-related data from Serious Game 2017
Sparkling Games - Die Gestaltung von Lernspielen zu Themen aus Informatik und G 2017
It’s ‘Your Turn!’ Effects of a cooperative social impact game on young Viennese 2016
Sparkling Games 2016
Using Games to Train Myoelectric Prosthesis Control 2016
Recommendations for Games to Increase Patient Motivation During Upper Limb Amput 2016
Usability and Fun of the INTERACCT Client 2016
Talking about Myself - Playful Inquiry into an Absent Life World 2016
Sensing the Audience 2016
Identifying Learning Contents in Commercial Games 2016
A Reflection of Game-based Learning Approaches for Secondary School Students 2016
YourTurn! Designing for Diversity 2016
A Serious Game to Further Cultural Diversity 2016
Technology-Mediated Audience Participation (TMAP) using Smartphones and High-Fre 2016
TMAP Design Cards for Technology-Mediated Audience Participation 2016
Level Design Practises in Independent Games 2016
Design Considerations for a Serious Game for Children after Hematopoietic Stem C 2016
Learning, Gaming, designing: Using Playful Participation to Create Learning Game 2016
Participatory Game Design for the INTERACCT Serious Game for Health 2015
Serious Game Scores as Health Condition Indicator for Cancer Patients 2015
Educating secondary school teachers in game design and game-based learning. 2015
INTERACCT: Remote Data Entry System with Game-Elements for young Leukaemia Patie 2015
Co-Designing Avatars for Children with Cancer 2015
Du bist dran! Spielerisch die Welt verändern? Eine qualitative Längsschnittstudi 2015
Design Principles for Social Impact Games 2015
Internet Games: Games for Change? 2015
INTERACCT: Serious Game Performance as Medical Condition Indication 2014
Using Explorative Design to Develop Health Game Concepts 2014
A Case Study of a Learning Game about the Internet 2014
Lebensnetz - Entwicklung eines Computerspiels zur Demenzprevention 2014
Social play for integration. How Viennese teenagers with different ethnical back 2014
A Participatory Game Design Approach for Children After Cancer Treatment 2014
Mobile Technology and Museum Education for Schools Theory, Study Results & Use C 2014
Serious Beats: Internetnutzung und Freundschaftsstrukturen von jungen MigrantInn 2014
Using Online Games in Transport: Grr-Grr-Bike Case Study 2014
From Research to Design-Sketching a Game to Trigger Reminiscence in Older Adults 2013
Elements of Play for Cognitive, Physical and Social Health in Older Adults 2013
Play and Artistic Exploration 2013
Persuasion and Play - Towards an Augmented Reality Exhibition Interface 2013
Playing Ball - Fan Experiences in Basketball Videogames 2013
New Media, Hip Hop, and Young Migrants: Social Capital, Entertainment and Politi 2012
Young, Female and Turkish in Europe Today: Questions of Ethnicity, Gender, Clas 2012
Designing interactive audience participation using smart phones in a musical per 2012
Intersections of identities in Europe’s Turkish Immigration Youth: Questions of 2012
Retro Evolved: Level Design Practice exemplified by the Contemporary Retro Game 2011
Alternate Reality Games: Persuasion in Context 2011
Serious Beats: Transdisciplinary research methodologies for designing and evalua 2011
Öffentliches (mediales) Erscheinen künstlerischer Arbeiten
Play and Prosume 05.03.2013
YourTurn! The Video-Game 21.02.2012
Ausstellung / Aufführung eigener Arbeiten
AAA Profiler (Installation) 19.01.2017
YourTurn! The Video-Game (Gruppenausstellung) 13.06.2012
AAA Profiler (Installation) 24.03.2011
Kuratieren / Intendanz / inhaltliche Leitung
Breaking The Wall - Interactive Sound Performance 08.09.2017
Breaking The Wall - Interactive Sound Performance 02.06.2017
Tools to support self-determined mobility for people with dementia 24.05.2017
Positive Impact Games 12.10.2012
Vortrag/Präsentation auf Konferenz/Tagungen (inkl. Posterbeitrag)
Research Salon: Artificial Intelligence 11.12.2017
New Skills Conference 20.11.2017
Workshop zur Zukunft der Krankenhausplanung 10.11.2017
Open House 2017 25.10.2017
Games for Health Europe 02.10.2017
Symposium Breaking The Wall 07.09.2017
Vernetzungstreffen "Mobilität und Demenz" 21.07.2017
Workshop zur Zukunft der Krankenhausplanung 09.03.2017
Games for Health Europe 2015 01.11.2015
Games for Health Europe 2015 01.11.2015
FROG 2015 - 9th Vienna Games Conference 01.10.2015
Vienna Talk 2015 on Music Acoustics - "Bridging the Gaps" 16.09.2015
Ludomusicology 2015 Conference 09.04.2015
Games for Health Europe 2013 28.10.2013
Gaming-Welten 28.10.2013
FROG 2013 Vienna Games Conference 27.09.2013
MASH 2013 conference on audience creativity 04.07.2013
10th Annual Games for Change Festival 27.06.2013
Play & Prosume: schleichender Kommerz und schnelle Avantgarde 06.03.2013
Conference of the International and Intercultural Communication section of the G 22.11.2012
Games for Health Europe 28.10.2012
ECREA 2012 Conference: 4th European Communication Conference 24.10.2012
ECREA 2012 Pre-Conference: Experiencing Digital Games: Use, Effects & Culture of 23.10.2012
FROG 2012 : 6th Vienna Games Conference “Game Over. Was jetzt? Vom Nutzen und 12.10.2012
Digital Crossroads Conference 28.06.2012
9th Annual Games for Change Festival 18.06.2012
Gaming with a Purpose Salon 11.05.2012
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012 23.04.2012
Gaming with a Purpose Salon 13.04.2012
1st Vienna Forum of Social Sciences "Identity – Diversity – Integration" 01.12.2011
multi.player 2011 International Conference on the Social Foundations of Digital 21.07.2011
Technology, Exchange and Flow Expert Seminar "Play and Prosume" 13.07.2011
Eigener Medienbeitrag (Artikel, Kolumne, Interview,...)
Fuck the magic circle! Do we need game ethics? 30.09.2011