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Bettel, Florian Sen.Sc. DI Dr.phil.

Kuratieren / Intendanzen / Leitungstätigkeiten
The international research project “The Entanglement between Gesture, Media and Politics” will host the Lab “The Politics of Gestures” at the former blacksmith’s shop in Hallein. The project will set up a research space, where the interdisciplinary team will pursue the following questions: How and under which circumstances does a gesture gain collective relevance, thus become political? How does media technology, as a main agent in that process, affect the human body? Two main questions will structure the first two days of the workshop: Is there a specific transitional point and if so, did this point shift since the massive spread of small media devices in the last ten years?
Titel der Ausst. / Veranstaltung: The Politics of Gestures at Schmiede Y
Veranstaltende Einrichtung: Schmiede Hallein, Hallein (Österreich)
Funktion: Inhaltliche Leitung einer Veranstaltungsreihe
Link: http://gesture-media-politics.de