Lehrende und MitarbeiterInnen

Sommer, Bernhard Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Ing.

SOL SEDUCTION: A Phyto-Solar Dance-Floor
Architektur, Bauphysik
As climate and society change, customizing buildings towards specific usage patterns and local weather conditions that might be obsolete within a few years, does not seem to be the smartest approach to building design. Facing the end of readily available highly efficient energy sources, such as oil and gas, we want to re-think the architectural environment towards a symbiotic habitat. The role of energy thus is not seen as a question of supply, but as one parameter among others that shapes the environment. A habitat relies on the physical, chemical and social interaction of different elements and organisms. The authors together with their students pursued a design research re-thinking the architectural environment towards a symbiotic habitat. Full-scale spatial prototypes as elements of such a habitat have been developed focussing on the interfaces between climate, people and other organisms, such as plankton, algae and flowers. The projects show different approaches towards blurring natural and man-made environments, from amplification via manipulation to inversion - or simply creating new exciting experiences. The prototypes were presented in an exhibition interacting with visitors and the physical conditions on site. The projects were equipped with different sensors to enable them to re-act and adapt in real-time.
Bernhard Sommer
Datum, Eröffnung und Ort
2014-11-28 – 2014-12-11
Wien (Österreich)
Heiligenkreuzer Hof (Die Angewandte)