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Mateus-Berr, Ruth Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Mag. art.

Fokuswoche Social Design
LIQUID IDENTITIES New Strategies In Art, Design & Architecture Public Lecture 4. April 2016, 15:30 Angewandte, Lichthof B, Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Wien Social Design. Arts as Urban Innovation. Art. Nikolaus Gansterer (AT, ITR, Angewandte) MAPPING TRANSIENCE - DRAWING DISTINCTIONS Based on a selection of projects inquiring for forms of notation and mapping complex dynamics of inter-subjective and temporal spaces, Nikolaus Gansterer will deliver insight into his artistic practice. Design. Pablo Calderón Salazar (COL/BE, T.R.A.D.E.R.S) SOCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE DESIGN - A critical look at the growing practice of social design In his lecture, Pablo Calderón Salazar will have a closer look at the emergence of social design (buzzword?) by looking at historical and contemporary examples, as well as his own practice. Architecture. Alexander Hagner (AT, gaupenraub) EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL? - Urban Coexistence Needs Hybrid Concepts In Architecture The discussion will be held in inauguration to 100 years DADA. The audience will be invited to participate by writing their questions on little sheets of paper which will be collected in a hat or bucket. After all speeches, the experts are asked to draw a question out of the hat or bucket and discuss it. Projectmanagement: Ruth Mateus-Berr & Martin Färber & Anton Falkeis (Content) & Anna-Lena Horn (Administration) Topic: Nomadic lifestyles, questions of migration, demands of hyperflexibility and personalities in the digital age - “LIQUID IDENTITIES” addresses the approaches to human interactions, desires and capacities in respect of contemporary forms of co-existence and urbanity. http://www.dieangewandte.at/jart/prj3/angewandte/main.jart?rel=de&reserve-mode=active&content-id=1229508255626&aktuelles_id=1459516954089
Ruth Mateus-Berr
Pablo Calderon
Datum, Zeit und Ort
2016-04-04 – 2016-04-06
Leuven, BE (Kolumbien)