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Mateus-Berr, Ruth Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Mag. art.

Learnings from an Iterative Design Process for Technology-Med. Audience Particip
Artikel in Fachzeitschrift (SCI, SSCI, A&HCI)
Mediengestaltung, Design, Transdisziplinäre Kunst
Abstract. In this paper we discuss a setup for technology-mediated audience participation (TMAP) using smartphones and high-frequency sound IDs. We describe a setup for playful music interaction composed of smartphones. In this setup the audience needs to install a smartphone app. Using high-frequency sound IDs music samples and colors can be triggered on the audience’s smartphones without the need to have an internet connection. The resulting soundscape is determined by the samples and parameters selected by the artist as well as by the location audience members choose in the performance space. We present the technical basis and iterative explorative design process of such a system for TMAP. The learnings from the perspective of musicians were technical requirements such as low latency, reliability, as well as increasing the number of possible sound samples and sound quality and we further present learnings on creating systems for TMAP from technical and creative perspectives. ***** EAI was created by leaders from industry, research, and policy making organisations to engage the global community with the shared goal of securing Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation. By harnessing the potential of the ICT revolution, EAI empowers the global research and innovation community, and promotes cooperation between European and International ICT communities, with a special focus on technologies that drive Smart Cities, eHealth, and IoT. EAI combines vision and advocacy of society leaders with a grassroots democratic participative model, functioning together through innovative web tools covering all stages of the innovation cycle to build a new and sustainable innovation paradigm. EAI fosters a community of over 45.000 experts from 167 countries engaged in a plethora of EAI research and innovation activities. Through them, it reaches out to over 150.000 subscribers worldwide. As a professional organization, EAI is unique in connecting research with the market. In supporting the development and sharing of collaborative research, it organizes 100+ conferences and innovation summits, publishes indexed journals, books, proceedings, and more.
Ruth Mateus-Berr, Fares Kayali, Oliver Hödl, Christoph Bartmann, Ulrich Kühn, Thomas Wagensommerer
Gent (Belgien)
erschienen in
European Alliance for Innovation