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Mateus-Berr, Ruth Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Mag. art.

Global Studio
Interdisziplinäre / projektorientierte Lehrtätigkeit
Kunstpädagogik, Design, Erziehungswissenschaften, Fachdidaktik, Bildende Kunst
PROJEKT DESIGN RESEARCH, DESIGN VERMITTLUNG DESIGN-GESTALTUNGSPROJEKT: RE Imagine a folklore Projektbetreuung: Ruth Mateus-Berr/Design Gestaltung IKKK. DAE Fiona Raby/ ID2 Bernhard Heinzlmaier/Fachdidaktik, Jugendkulturforschung Studierende: Agnes Czifra, Iuna Mateus, Max Salesse Studierende werden von unterschiedlichen Expertisefeldern betreut und entwerfen einen Designauftrag von Studierenden der Universität Loughborough bzw. diese für unsere studierende im Rahmen des Global Studios. Sie üben sich in visueller Kommunikation und entwerfen in einem kurzen Projektzeitraum Dinge zu RE Imagine a folklore GLOBAL STUDIO The idea of the Global Studio is inspired by the changes that current trends in manufacturing have shaped the way designers develop their products. A large body of research has signalled the shift from a linear and hierarchical model of product development and manufacturing, where everything happened in proximity, to a model of ‘agile’ manufacturing characterized by virtual partnerships and the dispersal of the design process. The new global division of labour has meant that design teams are now scattered across the world as they contribute to the different components of the same commodity. For designers these changes mean cultivating additional skills to those required in a traditional work environment. The Global Studio addresses the need for a learning environment that prepares students for this virtual, networked world. The Global Studio was developed since 2004 and the first time it was delivered was in 2007 using blended mode of delivery incorporating both Web 2.0 technologies and face-to-face teaching. The Global Studio encourages international participants, including academics, students and industry partners, to examine how their practices are situated. It also allows intersections of different ways of thinking and doing which provides space for the participants to interrogate their preconceived ideas of design and designers roles in wider society. For example, a recently completed international project in the Global Studio was on the theme of the Gift. This project was undertaken in collaboration between 7 international universities located in Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, China, UK and Canada. More than 250 students and 21 supervisors have participated in this international project. The idea for the theme employed in this Global Studio project was inspired by the anthropologist Marcel Mauss' classic book 'The Gift'. The project aimed to encourage students to explore various questions related to intercultural communication and Design. Since its launch, the boundaries of the Global Studio have continued to expand through the delivery of unique teaching projects with the collaboration of leading international academic and industrial partners.
Ruth Mateus-Berr, Erik Bohemia, Fiona Raby, Bernhard Heinzlmaier
Global Studio.eu
Datum, Zeit und Ort
2013-10-01 – 2013-12-15