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Mateus-Berr, Ruth Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Mag. art.

password kultur: ART BEIJING/Dashanzi/DIAF 2007 -Peking/China
Kunstpädagogik, Erziehungswissenschaften, Fachdidaktik, Medienforschung, Bildende Kunst
DIAF 2007/DASHANZI/DANGDAI international art festival The "Dangdai International Art Festival" (DIAF) is not only the first ever contemporary art festival in China, but also the only art festival in China to take an international and multidisciplinary approach to contemporary art, incorporating the work of over fifty nationalities. The 798 art district, located in an old Bauhaus-style industrial complex, has been continuously on the cutting edge of new trends in Beijing. Through the creative contribution of the DIAF(Dangdai International Art Festival) Dashanzi industrial area has been recognized as a protected zone of industrial architectural heritage and acquired a worldwide reputation. From 2004 to 2006, the DIAF experienced a dramatic expansion. The number of artists involved in the festival has grown from 96 to 470. The number of Institutional and Corporate partners has also increased from 15 to 60. At the same time, the number of annual visitors has doubled from 80,000 to 160,000. Some media recognized that "The DIAF put Dashanzi 798 on the global map, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors to the factory, which has grown from a tiny handful of artist studios and galleries in 2003 to the hub of the Chinese art world in 2007." In 2007 DIAF will experience major evolutions. DIAF and its new partner "Art Beijing" -contemporary art fair-, will jointly transform Beijing into a platform for contemporary art. Starting this year the festival will expand beyond the 798 art district, to many new locations across Beijing. This major evolution has been secured by the founding group of the festival who chose to officially adopt the new name "Dangdai International Art Festival" (Dangdai meaning "Contemporary" in Chinese). DIAF and "Art Beijing" will jointly draw a new map of Beijing as a platform for contemporary culture.
Ruth Mateus-Berr
Datum, Eröffnung und Ort
2007-09-21 – 2007-09-23
Peking (China)
ART BEIJING/Dashanzi/DIAF 2007