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Mateus-Berr, Ruth Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Mag. art.

Research on interactive Exhibits/TM/VIENNA
Kunstpädagogik, Medienforschung, Bildende Kunst, Erziehungswissenschaften, Fachdidaktik
Symposium „research on interactive exhibits“ VIENNA, AUSTRIA May, 25th-26th 2009 Programme for download 9.00-16.30 Technisches Museum Wien Mariahilferstraße 212 1140 Vienna - AUSTRIA International experts will report about state-of-the-art visitor research in museums. Five Sessions will focus on the topics interactivity, learning, target groups, design and methods of conducting research on museum visitors. We adress (inter)national museum staff, science and culture mediators, exhibition architects, designers, etc. Miniposters will illustrate the input and diversity of participants. A final workshop will incite new research collaborations. Sessions INTERACTIVITY - How do we define „interactive“? Where does “interactivity” start? Pressing buttons, hands-on? Or does interactivity imply possibilities for variation by the visitor? What are research definitions of interactivity? IAN RUSSELL, Interactive Science Ltd (UK) LEARNING - What do visitors learn? What effect can interactive exhibits have? Do they result in impressions, experiences, knowledge? What sort of knowledge is acquired? In which cases are interative exhibits not the best method for knowledge transfer? SALLY DUENSING, free lance consultant, King’s College London (UK) SUE ALLEN, National Science Foundation (US) TARGET GROUPS - Who uses interactive exhibits and how? How does gender / age / social background influence a visitor´s interaction with exhibits? What are the differences in how they use and respond to exhibits? JAMES BRADBURNE, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi (Italy) STEPHANIE KIESSLING, Science Communication Research (Austria) DESIGN - How does design influence interactivity? How does design support an exhibit’s usability / accessability? Can design substitute for extensive instructions, making exhibits self-explanatory? How important is the aesthethic component? KIRSTEN ELLENBOGEN, Science Museum Minnesota (US) METHODS - How can we research visitor interaction with exhibits? Which methods are useful in assessing how visitors use exhibits? What can we learn from questionnaires, interviews, observing, drawing, filming, etc.? How can we perform research without disturbing our visitors? SUE ALLEN, National Science Foundation (US) FRITZ SCHLIESSMANN and NADINE ÖHDING, Universität Flensburg, PHÄNOMENTA Flensburg (Germany) Register now! Procedure and Deadlines For Registration please download the registration form and send in the completed form via e-mail (office@science-center-net.at) or FAX +43-1-710 19 81-99. We ask all participants to transfer their conference fee of * 50,- to the following bank account: account holder: Science Center Netzwerk account number: 29116388901 bank code/number: 20111 (Erste Bank) IBAN: AT592011129116388901 BIC: GIBAATWW Non-EU-members can pay on-site at the conference to avoid transfer costs. We kindly ask you to register and transfer by May 11, 2009. Miniposter To introduce your institution, recent research projects or potential topics and offers for cooperation you can contribute a miniposter, that will be displayed during the symposium days and will also be included in the final conference report. Design a poster (1 page, DIN A4 standard paper-size, upright format, pictures, font size 12-14pt) and send it as PDF by May 11, 2009. Workshop To encite new research cooperations, a final workshop will encourage participants to jointly develop and discuss ideas. In parallel, the interactives within the museum offer an opportunity to apply the theoretical symposium results in practical mini-research. You want to be on the mailing-list? - Please contact office@science-center-net.at (Ulrike Oberhammer) Programme committee The following partners of the Science Center Netzwerk are members of the programme committee: Peter Donhauser (Technisches Museum Wien) Gerhard Lindbichler (Haus der Mathematik) Elisabeth Menasse-Wiesbauer (ZOOM Kindermuseum) The symposium "research on interactive exhibits" is supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF) within its programme forMUSE – research in museums. design@dreistart.at
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Ruth Mateus-Berr
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Wien (Österreich)