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Auersperg, Manora Sen.Lect. Mag. art.

texture in translation
Bildende Kunst
Text, derived from Latin, means weaving, fabric, joining, connecting. So texture means joining together, and further textus ist the fabric of the written word. A text consists a structure, that defines the complex relations of its elements. ..... By means of an artistic analysis Manora Auersperg observes and documentes the configuration of a relational field, questioning systemic modes of distinction. A white linen surface provides the medium to record its specific context within the changing settings of the exhibition series. In a performative act in situ the artist relates to the other projekts, inscribing them into the surface by extricating and reinserting threads. Within the recursive process of de(con)struction and construction, the temporary constellation of each exhibition is transcribed respectively. In QUARTIER 21 (Vienna), the third part oft he exhibition series, the textile transcript will itself be reviewed by a camera. The Installation involves an apparatus developed by the artist Konrad Strutz: a camera of a type that is usually employed for the inspection of industrial products is moved across the textile surface through a mechanism that allows for precise positioning. In a strictly linear manner - moving back and forth horizontally and one tiny step downwards at the end of each line - it captures the whole structure weft by weft. The projection of the canvas will be constructed step-by-step in parallel to this motion. Through this process of rereading the texture, spectators will witness the structure that was inscribed in it before being slowly constructed as a projection in the exhibition space. The resulting image incorporates the deconstructive actions previously performed, reproducing the void of the absent threads. Spectators looking at the original object and at the image under construction are thus witnessing the slow process that emphasizes the contrast between the textile object and its surface. Die dritte und letzte Etappe der Ausstellungsreihe
Manora Auersperg
Datum, Eröffnung und Ort
2017-12-07 – 2017-12-20
Wien (Österreich)
Frei-raum Q21 exhibition space, MuseumsQuartier Wien