WID Lectures 2020 (ABGESAGT)

Peter Weibel - Forschungsinstitut für digitale Kulturen

The lecture series explores various approaches to the field of algorithmic intelligence, from digital corporeality to predictive processing and the dialectics of virtual space.
The events are held in English and are free and open to the public. At the beginning of our lecture series we are pleased to present the following artists and scientists:

23.3.    Manu Luksch
20.4.    Moritz Kriegleder
18.5.    Christina Jauernik

The lectures take place on Mondays at 6.30pm at
Lichthof B in Ferstel-Trakt
University of Applied Arts
Oskar Kokoschka-Platz 2

March 23rd: Manu Luksch
Through her films and art works, Manu Luksch researches the effects of emerging technologies on daily life, social relations, urban space, and political structures. Her current focus is on corporate-governmental relationships and the social effects of predictive analytics in the algorithmic city.

April 20th: Moritz Kriegleder
Moritz Kriegleder’s lecture evaluates the concepts of enactivism and predictive processing and their implications for the future of artificial life and artificial intelligence. He is a cognitive scientist and quantum physicist based at the University of Vienna.

May 18th: Christina Jauernik
Dancer, artist and architect Christina Jauernik presents INTRA SPACE (artistic research project funded by FWF/PEEK (AR299-G21) 2015-2017), which is an experimental zone, set up to explore diaphanous relations between virtual figures, humans, technical equipment and machines.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Publig (sophie.publig@uni-ak.ac.at). We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Peter Weibel-Institute for Digital Cultures

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WID Lectures 2020
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