Angewandte Performance Laboratory (APL)

Opening Up the Choreographic
with Daniel Aschwanden, Mariella Greil and Charlotta Ruth

In the expanded field of the choreographic we rethink the relational – proposing sensuous address with and beyond words. Choreographic thinking applied to other processes allows polylogic orientation. How does the mattering of the body form subject and method? What patterns organize our social space? What kind of choreographic environment are we creating? Through repeated acts discursive intervention and engagement get activated. The choreographic is not only looked at, but it returns the gaze. Is it your turn now?

Location: VZA 7 / Flux 2
Fr.17.01.2020 5-7pm
Somatic Delight, Solidarity & Perception
with Daniel Aschwanden and Mariella Greil

How does the construction of body space work? Employing somatic attunement, we open our perception. Through objects and sounds figures of togetherness emerge in variations and repetitions. We move from somatic practices towards choreographic game structures and compositional tools for expanded physical actions in space.

Location: VZA 7 / SR 21
Mo.20.01.2020 6-9pm