Challenges of Humanity and the Creative Use of XR

Digitale Kunst / Science Visualization Lab
Im Rahmen des offiziellen Programms der Vienna Biennale For Change 2019 und in Zusammenarbeit mit dem AIL Innovation Lab

Ever since the beginning of time, humanity has used technology for the betterment of society. Nowadays, we’re starting to use its transformative power to pursue new solutions to complex issues and, not being satisfied with making it a mere functional tool, we have combined it with the transcendent strength of art to make our quest for answers an outstanding form of personal expression.
As part of the official program of the Vienna Biennale For Change 2019, and in collaboration with the AIL Innovation Lab, this edition of XRVienna invites you to embark on a journey of science, creativity, consciousness, and, of course, immersive tech. From the depths of the sea to the inner mechanisms of our virtual self awareness, we will explore how humans are using art and immersive technology to tackle the new global challenges that we face as a society. Breathe deeply, and read on.


•••• TALK 1: Noise Aquarium in AR and VR ••••

• Dr. Stephan Handschuh (VetCore-Facility for Research, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna)

• Martina Fröschl (Science Visualization Lab – at Digital Arts Department, University of Applied Arts Vienna)

• Glenn Bristol (United Motion Labs)

This talk will offer a short introduction into the production process of the immersive art installation Noise Aquarium that is set up in the basement of the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL). After some introductory words, biologist Dr. Stephan Handschuh will briefly explain the scanning process which makes the 3D models of Noise Aquarium unique and authentic. After that, Glenn Bristol the Unity programmer and Martina Fröschl the computer animation artist of Noise Aquarium explain the main steps of their collaboration.

•••• TALK 2: Synthetic Corporeality in Contemporary Art Practice ••••

• Martina Menegon (Multimedia Artist)

Artists working with the Virtual as an artistic medium and form of expression often embrace digital artifacts and imperfections that arise during the creational and computational process. When these digital distortions are applied to virtual bodies they trigger a sense of “intellectual uncertainty” and uncanniness in which boundaries between “real” and virtual, animate and inanimate, human and non-human get blurred.
In her talk, Martina Menegon will introduce her artistic practice and methodology and further discuss representations of the body in digital art practice, focusing on the intimate and complex assemblage of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its synthetic corporeality.


Same as our past Meetups, you will have the chance to check out some of the best XR projects from Austrian creators. Come and join the fun!


This event will take place at the AIL, which means places will be limited. As much as we will make it as cozy and comfortable for you no matter if you get to sit down or not, please remember that the sooner you RSVP the better.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 17th!
Challenges of Humanity and the Creative Use of XR