arts science research practice: #Ludic Method Soirée, issue 02

(OU)VERT: …vert/verre/ver/envers/vers… (Jens Hauser, Margarete Jahrmann)

Projektpräsentation im Rahmen von »AP – Angewandte Praxis«
Welcome to a ludic deconstruction of greenness studies!
The cultural theorist and curator Jens Hauser (Paris/University of Copenhagen) will open the discourse with Margarete Jahrmann as guest professor for artistic research in 2018 about Ungreening Greenness? In this second evening of a ludic method soirée we address a new form of playful (OU)VERT in science of science that targets into the eye of the tiger of bio and digital arts.
Are we 'green'? The entanglement between symbolic green, ontological greenness and performative greening poses challenges across disciplines that provide a colourful panorama for playful debunking: 'green', "symbolically" associated with the 'natural' and employed to hyper-compensate for what humans have lost, will be addressed as the most anthropocentric of all colours. There has been little reflection upon greenness' migration across different knowledge cultures, meanwhile we are green-washing greenhouse effects away.

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Jens Hauser, Margarete Jahrmann: (OU)VERT