Greta Znojemsky

Greta Znojemsky graduated with a Master degree from the University of Applied Art in Vienna, specialising in graphics and photography in 1972. Subsequent studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, major in Art Education, graduation with Master degree in 1977.She was born in Vienna, lives and works since 2015 in Reichenau an der Rax, Lower Austria.
The main focus of her work is currently on the tensions between urban themes and rural tradition like identity, isolation and the origin of a person. She works with drawing, painting, installation, sculpture and photography.

Studio view

Inside studio

Signs of Hope
Pink clouds hang over green meadow pieces on the wall and on the floor. A green handbag and a pair of green shoes stand around among the meadow pieces. They are made of shredded paper - relics of prescriptions and medical histories from a social club. They provide a succinct and cautionary symbol of vulnerable nature, but also speak of the essential role that interaction with nature plays in human health. Speak of the overlapping and interpenetration of nature and civilisation and undermine the impression of an idyll of nature.

Well integrated
From the series ‘Well integrated‘. Red checkered garments made of characteristically Austrian  cotton material. A suitable choice for the immigrant wishing to demonstrate her willingness to integrate!

Seven round canvases, sky blue with colourful streaks of paint try to convey the impression of being in FLOW. The creative flow that I love to get caught up in.

Image top right: Portrait ‘Lookout’ shows a self-portrait taken through a prism mirror
All images (c) Greta Znojemsky