Esther Eigner

graduated 2015 in Painting and Animated Film. She lives and works in Vienna as an artist and gives teaching lessons at the Kunst VHS in Vienna. Her working place is in the group atelier grunsteinsieben/g7 in the 16th district.


In verschwommenen Anpassungen werden wir sehen wo wir hinkommen, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

Where do I work?
My current working place is in the group atelier grundsteinsieben or g7 in the 16th district of Vienna. I have been working there since 2016. There are many open minded and creative people. We often work on group exhibitions together but it is possible to work on your own. There are photographers, performance artists, dressmakers, writers, philosopher and so on, therefore we always get new inputs from a different point of view. In Grundsteingasse there are many studios and artists. The “Grundsetingassenfestival”, taking place twice a year, is a streetfestival during which the street is closed to vehicles. Therefore artist can show their artistic perfomances on the street.

Here is a picture of my desk at my atelier in grundsteinsieben.

 Group Exhibition at g7

Due to Corona pandemic I have been working at home for a few months and I will continue to do so during the summer. I have a little garden and it is very cosy to work at home with a garden view or on my terrace.

This is my new working place at home. Many plants and a garden view.
How do I work?
My main working material is egg tempera. I love the soft and pastel colours and the best thing is, they do not smell that intensive like oil colours. As mentioned above I sometimes use self-made plant pigments for my works too. I like to combine realistic and abstract parts in my paintings. Sometimes they look a bit surrealistic. Another important part of my work, as you see in my examples and on my working place at home, are plants and nature. Besides to my artistic activity I offer art courses at the Kunst VHS in Vienna.

I often work on several pictures at the same time.

Here are some works of my latest series “Im Inneren des Äußeren befindlich“
This is a short poem (in German) which describes some ideas of the content:
...In Spiegeln und hindurch. Eine Reflexion seiner selbst. Wo ist die Realität geblieben? Die blinden Flecken lassen Fragen offen. Wer bin ich in all diesen Portraits? An zwei Orten zugleich, fragmentarisch, durch Licht und Dunkelheit. So öffne das Fenster, dann siehst du klarer...

Im Inneren des  Äußeren befindlich, eggtempera on canvas, 61 x 70 cm

In Türen und Fenstern, eggtempera on canvas, 70 x 90 cm
In the warm or cool tinted pictures, I like to radically change the perspectives of the depicted rooms or streets (picture content). Inside an outside, structures and interlocked figures, overlap and distort to confusing compositions.
These two pictures will be part of the exhibition “Fresh Legs 2020” in Berlin this Summer. The openings will be on June 24th and 25th. at Galleri Heike Arndt DK and Inselgalerie.

All images (c) Esther Eigner
Esther Eigner