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Bruckmann, Marcus Sen.Art. Mag. art.

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Trans Local Motion Shanghai Streets Background of the design and research project with 50 international students from different countries and is a 1 km2 wide area along Suzhou River which is mingle of the old and the new Shanghai. Based on the micro-vision of city streets, the aim of the international summerschool is thinking on present phenomena of global urbanization and paying attention to the status of urban life & development including people flow and consequent problems. The urbanization seems to make human society flourished, but contrary to what we believed, it reduced our fundamental meaning to life.
Bezeichnung: Guest teacher at the International Design Summer School 2008
Einrichtung: Tongji University, College of Architecture & Urban Planning, Shanghai (China)
Zeitraum: 25.08.2008 bis 09.09.2008
Mitverantwortlich: Yang Wenqing
Link: http://www.shanghaibiennale.com