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Bruckmann, Marcus Sen.Art. Mag. art.

Künstlerisch-wissenschaftliche (Forschungs-)arbeiten / Projekte (Auswahl)
The Du-Wo story goes something like this: in 2008 students at the Tongji CAUP International Design Summerschool were invited to propose solutions for improving life in Wuhzen. Whilst lecturers expected students to design a high rise to lift the spirits of the community. the students had another idea – they were so inspired by the local residents, that they decided to encourage people everywhere to design and make stuff themselves. And so, the Du-Wo design phenomenon was born and is booming, informing intuitive and adaptive design practice worldwide. The cheek slogan, Do you Du-Wo? sums up the do it yourself vibe of Du-Wo.
Bezeichnung: Du-Wo
AuftraggeberIn: Shanghai Students Biennale 2008
Fertigstellungsdatum: 08.09.2008
Mitverantwortlich: Sarah Jamieson, Brian Frandsen, Raphael Krug, Natasa Lops, Philipp Maul, Betul Kurt,Liu Lei, Zhang Qian, Konrad Regel, Xu Yingnan, Fan Zhong, Yang Wenqing, Fan Jiajun
Link: http://www.shanghaibiennale.com