Neda Nikolic

*1988, Leskovac, a Serbian visual artist, lives and works in Vienna since 2012.
2016 she graduated in painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, class of prof. Henning Bohl. Before that, she completed her painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She had a few solo-(mostly with Aa Collections gallery) and group exhibitions in Vienna and Serbia (Belgrade, Leskovac).

One of the most important topics of her work is communication in the virtual world, social networks, chatrooms. Furthermore, she deals with a transcription of digital into analog and the moment of character displacement in video games. She is driven by pixelated aesthetics of video games, their color pallete, representation of characters, and game physics. Besides aesthetics, video games raised further questions of reality, virtuality, immersion. Neda's idea was to recreate the virtual experience and transfer it into reallife experience, using the medium of mechanical objects, paintings, and installations. She always tries to involve the observer and make her/him a player, allowing her/him to operate the objects. For her, game space is also a utopian space, which she strives to manifest in her paintings. In some of her works, she employs the method of displacement, either of a character or a space, in order to adjust the predefined game spaces and construct a personal narrative. She knows Rambro (Broforce), Squirtle(Pokemon Go), Steve(Minecraft), and a few other cool characters.

Portrait of Neda Nikolic (c) Anne-Sophie Waas
All other images (c) Neda Nikolic