Social Design

Entrance Exam

The Social Design master programme is oriented towards graduates from diverse fields of study.

Admission Requirements

  • graduation from a bachelor or equivalent programme at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution and
  • proof of artistic aptitude in the framework of an entrance examination before the examination board.

Entrance Examination

The examination consists of two parts. Positive assessment of the first part is a requirement for the second part of the examination. The entrance examination is passed when all parts of the examination have been positively assessed.

First Part of the Entrance Examination
  • Application Form – Personal Data
  • Relevant extracurricular activity (max. 1,000 characters)
  • Short biography (max. 2,000 characters): An overview of the applicant’s previous qualifications, competences, and main fields of intra- and extracurricular activity.
  • Letter of motivation (max. 4,500 characters): Description of main personal interests in dealing with the complexity of urban systems and their implications within a mainly artistic-scientific based programme; Description of the applicant’s own development perspective within the transdisciplinary programme structure
  • Submission deadline: 01.12.2020 — 17.012021
  • Online submission of the following application documents at

Second Part of the Entrance Examination
  • Discussion of specified topics in different team constellations
  • Interview on the basis of the letter of motivation
  • takes place at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • last week of february - exact dates are to be confirmed - in the Social Design studio

Examination Board
Teachers in the fields of expertise, external members