Industrial Design 2

Leitung: Univ.-Prof. Anab Jain

In an increasingly complex world, how do we know what is 'good'?

Everything is shifting: political situations, financial structures, ecological strategies. How do we design for a complex and contradictory world? How should we equip designers to deal with change and uncertainty - not just for survival, but to flourish?
The solutions are no longer straightforward. What happens when Design moves from solving problems to asking questions? How do designers go about asking questions and what kinds of questions should designers ask anyway?
We will take an experimental and iterative approach, exploring a diversity of prototyping techniques - prototypes to tell complex stories; prototypes to find something out; prototypes to convince; prototypes to help people imagine the unimaginable. Research, thinking and making will happen concurrently. Collectively, the discussion will focus on appropriate prototyping while exploring different aesthetic expressions. Invention, intrigue, engagement will be our guides.

Entrance Exam 2019 Special Task
Design your robot companion and bring it as part of your portfolio!
Your proposal should be an interesting interpretation of this topic, looking at the human-machine relationship. We can't wait to see your ideas!

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Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2
A-1010 Wien
Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2
A-1010 Wien