Building Construction

Head: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Karin Raith
Social and cultural transformations necessitate the permanent conceptual advancement of architecture, while technical innovations introduce new design possibilities. Given this technological dynamic, the discipline of Building Construction is also in a state of constant change. Our objectives are to complement the conceptual and formal renewal of architecture as propelled in the design studios with innovations in building technology and to provide support through teaching and research. Building Construction is taught integratively, i.e. as an embedded aspect of architectural design. The spatialarchitectural and constructive concepts are developed together in an iterative process so that they have an optimal reciprocal effect. In this way students acquire technical expertise parallel to design competence.

We convey general principles of construction, but our aim is also to develop the students’ capacity to find innovative and customised technical solutions through problem analysis and the consequent evolution of the design idea. Construction is seen as a chance to highlight and refine the carrying ideas of the design.