Energy Design

Head: Gastprof. Brian Cody
Without doubt, the energy question is the greatest problem that we currently face. The share of global energy consumption, that can be traced directly back to buildings, amounts to approximately 50 per cent. Moreover, if one takes into consideration the share of the remaining 50 per cent, which is caused indirectly by buildings (transport and industry), this figure is actually far higher.

It would appear that virtually over night, architects have been allocated a leading role in the solution of a problem that can only be regarded as purely technical when considered superficially.

This is because more precise scrutiny shows that since Le Corbusier, architects can also point to solutions for more energy-efficient architecture, while in older autochthonic concepts, efficiency questions were already considered for reasons of economy alone.

The problem itself goes far beyond technical considerations. Good designers are in special demand as solutions must not only recognise, comprehend and process the cultural identity of the users and regions, but must also inculcate them on a content and sensory level.

The world cannot be saved by reason and understanding, but with thrilling design. A school such as the "Angewandte" bears a special responsibility in this connection, because here architecture is created with an exceptional aesthetic power to convince.

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