Experimental Game Cultures

Entrance Exam

Prerequisites for Admission

  • completed bachelor or diploma degree studies (or equivalent degree),
  • evidence of English and German language skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). These skills are considered to be present when the 12th or 13th school grade at an Austrian institution of higher education, or the equivalent in a member state of the European Union, has been completed.
  • passing the entrance exam.

Written Application

Written applications can be submitted in the period 1 to 30 July 2021 via https://application.uni-ak.ac.at.
The following documents are to be attached to the written application:
  • a brief biography showing the qualifications acquired to date, plus competencies and main areas of activity,
  • a description of the motivation to study, which includes the personal objectives and the main areas of interest pursued in the course of study,
  • the formulation of one (or more) project idea(s) which the applicant would like to pursue during the first year of studies.
Please upload these components in a single PDF portfolio.
In addition, the written application may be accompanied by theoretical and practical work from the previous studies that demonstrate the described competencies and points of interest. If you want to send videos or digital games/game prototypes (e.g. Unity builds or other apps) please use common transfer tools and add the download link to your PDF portfolio.

Personal Interview

On positive completion of the written part of the entrance exam (based on the documents submitted), applicants will receive an invitation for a personal online interview to take place from 30 August until 3 September 2021.