Entrance Exam – Cross-Disciplinary Strategies

The bachelor degree Cross-Disciplinary Strategies: Applied Studies in Art, Science, Philosophy, and Global Challenges (CDS) communicates a broad spectrum of artistic and scientific skills, strategies and principles of artistic and scientific praxis. This is linked with the aspiration to promote a critical approach, collaborative skills, and goal-oriented learning not only in individual areas of knowledge, but also beyond the arts.
The curriculum of the CDS bachelor course is wide in scope, drawing on knowledge from a variety of disciplines and covering basic principles from the arts, philosophy, science, engineering, and the humanities and including strategies in art. A further focus is to explore the foundations and impacts of global challenges and dynamics, such as demographic change, climate change, mass migration, scarcity of resources, violation of human rights, social inequality and poverty, mass unemployment, and the re-definition of human labour in the digital age.
Entrance Requirements and Application Procedure
The applicant provides the examination committee with documents and information about his or her qualifications attesting to general, visual, and linguistic aptitude to successfully complete the degree programme.
The application consists of two parts (both parts are in English):
  1. the applicant submits:
    • a short biography
    • a letter of motivation (600 words / 4000 characters)
    • the cover page
  2. and is given a personal interview.

All applicants must fill out the cover page (see box "Forms") and send it with their application.
In the short biography applicants present a written summary of their qualifications and main interests. Please do not send photographs of yourself.
In their letter of motivation (600 words / 4000 characters) applicants outline their expectations about the study programme and how they would apply the skills and competencies gained from this course of studies. 
Submission of all documents

- in English (PDF format)
- including cover page
- including email contact

via email to: cds@uni-ak.ac.at
On the basis of the submitted documents applicants will receive information about their interview invitation.
The applicant begins with a short oral presentation of the submitted letter of motivation. Next, the applicant discusses her/his personal qualifications with the examination committee and outlines his/her main interests and how these are compatible with the study programme’s objectives. Based on the interview, the applicant’s aptitude for critical reflection in interdisciplinary, scientific, and artistic work will be evaluated.
The course will start in winter semester.

Information and Contact

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies



Dates of the Entrance Exam 2020

Submission of all documents
December 1, 2019 to Jan 26, 2020
  Applicants will receive information
  about interview invitation between
  February 10 and 14, 2020

Interview will take place
on February 26 and 27, 2020
  Publication of results
  March 2 and 6, 2020

Postal Address:
Hintere Zollamtsstraße 17
1030 Wien


Consultation hours
For the CDS entrance exam we also offer consultation hours.

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