Stage Design

Diploma programme

Academic degree: (Magister artium)
Credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 8
THEATRE - SPACES: creating spaces, according spaces. On the basis of an exami­na­tion of the cultural memory of varying epochs up to the present day, the study is seen as a laboratory for analyses, development and information. As the centre of theatrical presentations, the stage not only explores classic theatre, but also new areas and spaces and social situations, as well as known and still unknown scenic realities through the employment of standard and new media.  

Stage Design at the Vienna University of Applied Arts serves artistic, artistic-scientific, artistic-conceptual, technical-crafts and practice-oriented, educational and profes­sio­nal training.  Students should evolve into independent, artistic personalities and implement the abilities and skills that they have developed in the field of stage and film design.

Graduate activites

Stage Design studies at the Vienna University of Applied Arts qualifies graduates for artistic and artistic-scientific activities in the fields of theatre (drama, opera, dance theatre, musicals), film, scenic-theatrical sets, events and installations. In addition, they also serve as training for an extensive range of areas of work and professional fields such as the artistic and/or artistic-scientific design and completion of projects in a diversity of segments, employment in state and private (also international) orga­ni­sa­tions, and in other areas in which artistic knowledge is of benefit.

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