„Pfeiler“ ist ein Ausstellungsraum in der Brückenpassage/MQ. Im vierteljährlichen Rhythmus wird hier eine Arbeit von Absolvent*innen der Abteilung Skulptur und Raum gezeigt.

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constants contradict contrary constellations 
I keep repeating until my mouth is sandy 
constants contradict contrary constellations
some people dive deep to retrieve pearls
they endanger themselves
they could be collecting shells from the beach instead
through small crashes of shells — sand forms
dervishes are turning in caves 
there is an urge to repeat and to rest 
a gaze to the far, as if everything far is good
so they dive 
I pace
fast - forward - further 
it seems unnatural
looking for scissors to cut unsteady thoughts
one turns to artificial nights 
briefly pain will figure our movement
J.Haller says in his „Theories of Friction“
chapter 4.1.3 
„when two bodies are rubbed together,
some form of interaction takes place 
at the contacting surfaces 
resulting in a resistance to relative motion. 
most friction theories
assume that the resistive force 
per unit area 
of contact is a
constant, thus…“
it all becomes movement 
autonomous  movement
repetition becomes ground
for the next pearl retrieval
there is an obligation
to cope with dissonance
pillars of inevitable contrasts 
are resting their head on sharp coral reefs 
time is a component 
repetition is key
I am variable
my mouth still sandy
constants contradict contrary constellations
Text: Dafne Aruyta Ilhan

27. Jänner bis 9. April 2021
Täglich 6 bis 22 Uhr
Brückenpassage MQ
Zwischen Burggasse und Hof 12



27. Januar 2021 - 09. April 2021
Brückenpassage MuseumsQuartier, zwischen Burggasse und Hof 12, 1070 Wien