European Biennial of Contemporary Art - May and June 2020 - Vabre - France

Einreichfrist: 28. Februar 2020
The EUROPEAN BIENNIALof CONTEMPORARY ARTS - EBCA 2020 will take place at the Galerie Daniel Vignal (existing according to the1901 law concerning non profit organizations) 8 Place du Maquis – 81330 Vabre – FRANCE from May 1st till June 30th 2020

APPLICATION: Between 1st September 2019 and 28th February 2020 any professionnal or amateur artist aged
18 or above on 1st January 2020 and living in the European Union & Switzerland, Great Britain (Brexit or
no Brexit), Norway and Iceland may apply by filling the form below, paying the € 20,00 membership fee for
the year 2020 and sending a JPEG photography file (identified with your email address only) of an original and
unique work of art (free theme and medium) on paper, linen or light plywood measuring 30 X 40 cm with a 2 cm
margin on the 4 sides to allow the exhibition framing.

PRE-SELECTION: At the beginning of March 2020, 15 works of art will be selected by a jury made up by the
members of the Board of Administrators of the Galerie.
The artists will be personally required to send their selected works to the Galerie before 15th March 2020 by
secure and registered mail and these will be framed by the Galerie and shown (but not insured) in May and June
Their sale prices will be determined jointly by the artist and the Galerie. The usual commission of 10 % will be
kept by the Galerie when sold. In case they are not, they will be sent back to their owners in July 2020 at the
Galerie’s expenses.

EBCA GRAND PRIX : By the end of March the jury now presided by a French artist of international fame will
select the Grand Prix (first prize). The Galerie will purchase the winning work of art for the sum of € 500,00. The
Grand Prix artist will be offered to have a personal show at the Galerie in May and June 2021.The Grand Prix
will be awarded during an official ceremony that will take place on 24th June 2020.The laureate will be present.
His or her surface travel expenses and 2 day-accommodation with full board will be provided by the Galerie.

EBCA PUBLIC PRIZE: During the The European Biennial of Contemporary Arts - EBCA 2020 Exhibition, the
public will be asked to vote for their best choice. The winning work of art will be purchased by the Galerie for the
sum of € 200,00.

APPLICATION: (please provide the following information on the same mail as your JPEG photography file):
Surname, first name & pseudonym if any - Postal address - Email address