Einreichfrist: 15. Februar 2019
have the great pleasure to announce the 13th INTERNATIONAL WEEK (11th to 15th March)
As usual the 13th International Week will combine an International Fair and an International Lecture Program.
Each participant can choose to participate in the International Fair and/ or participate in the International Lecture Program.
Please note: Participation in the International Fair is exclusive to university partners members.

Objective of the Event:
•    To give an International experience to all our students, teachers and staff;
•    To disseminate mobility opportunities;
•    Networking;
•    To exchange methodologies and knowledge;
•    To increase research.
The International Fair will take place during the International Week, one day on each Campus in Lisbon (Carnide, Lispolis, Santos) & Porto.
Exhibitors will be provided, so we kindly ask you to send us promotional material by post mail.
You can send us promotional material to the following address:
Universidade Europeia
International Office
Estrada da Correia, 53
1500-210 Lisboa, Portugal
Each University will have a poster identifying the Institution: please send us to internationalweek@universidadeeuropeia.pt:
•         Name and University Logo;
•         A synthesized text about the University;
•         4 images;
•         Website.
Faculty members and staff members from partners institutions are invited to participate in our international activities during the Fair.
Invited Professors and Lecturers from our partner universities and others, have to submit proposals for lectures or workshops.
Every participating lecturer will be assigned to a host professor at Universidade Europeia, IPAM Lisboa or IPAM Porto. We hope this will provide extra opportunities for sharing best practices and collaborating on future projects.
t is mandatory to send Abstract and Curriculum Vitae by email;
All the lectures must be taught in Portuguese or English.
In this edition, the theme is:  SUSTAINABILITY AND THE FUTURE
Accompanying the dissemination of globalization concept, the notion of sustainability has emerged as one of the key concepts of our time, influencing governmental decisions, organizational strategies and individual practices in virtually every area of human intervention. Intrinsic to it is the idea of creating a future where resources of different kinds remain available to meet contemporary needs, a dimension already explicit in the subtitle of the original, 1987 report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: “Our Common Future”.
Since then, however, the scope of the term has grown to accommodate other dimensions alongside the environmental one and expressions such as “cultural sustainability”, “social sustainability” or “organizational sustainability” have become commonplace, addressing and exposing new, altogether different tensions, and, in fact, eliciting the questions: To what extent is the idea of a “common future” still implied in the concept of sustainability? What kind of future(s) do we have in mind when we talk about sustainability?
We invite you to come and share your experience and expertise in the 13th edition of our International Week, to be held in March 2019 in the cities of Lisbon and Oporto. We welcome proposals that address issues related with the general theme, “Sustainability and the Future”, namely, but not limited to:
•    Sustainable design;
•    Sustainable tourism;
•    Sustainability in sport;
•    Economic aspects of sustainable development;
•    Sustainability in the hospitality industry;
•    Gamification and/ for sustainability;
•    Management, entrepreneurship and sustainable development;
•    Technologies and sustainable development;
•    Legal aspects of sustainable management;
•    Sustainable development and education;
•    Psychology for sustainability;
•    Cultural sustainability;
•    Photographing and visual culture sustainability;
•    Social sustainability and social justice;
•    Environmental sustainability in business;
•    Marketing and sustainable production and consumption;
•    Communication and sustainability.
Application Deadline: February 15th, 2019
•    Online application form: https://bit.ly/2OgXhPG
•    Abstract & Curriculum vitae (mandatory):
to internationalweek@universidadeeuropeia.pt
Application Acceptance:
We will confirm accepted proposals by email until February 18th, 2019
International Week dates: March 11th – March 15th.
Promotional material for the International Fair to be sent by post mail until: February 28th, 2019.
All participants are expected to finance their travel and accommodation. If your home institution is in Europe and participates in the Erasmus+ program, we strongly encourage you to apply for an Erasmus+ Teaching or Training grant at your university. All participants are advised to arrive on Sunday, March 10th.