Einreichfrist: 01. Juni 2018
Multidisciplinar y WORKSHOP in Vienna
31.07.2018 - 09.08.2018
“The history of civilisation isa history of migration.”

The performance of modern cities across Europe was tested during the recent refugee crisis in 2015. This was the latest incarnation of periodic exodus phenomena of civilian populations that forced mass migrationsinto, out from and inside the continent. Urban structures offer the possibility to absorb great influxes and may need to provide enabling frameworks
and structures for people, societies, and communities to effectively live and work together to ensure that migration is a positive force on the economic, social, and ecological environment. The city of Vienna has been defined by the movement of people as they have shaped the city over several centuries.
During the workshop, various experts in human rights, law, history, politics, and civil service will discuss current and future challenges in city planning using interactive and interdisciplinary approaches. Furthermore, immigrant networks of belongings and attachments will be explored through discourse with people living in transitory places. We will build on
the known to discover the unknown, looking at history, existing projects, organisations and networks – digital and local ones - in Vienna. By enforcingan angle of approach that sees the refugees we develop urban planning strategies to tackle current issues.

The Summer School is fully funded by Erasmus to cover costs of participants.