University of Arts in Belgrade


26. März 2019

Kotor July 7-14
Cultural Center Nikola Đurković in Kotor


  • INTERDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP OF VISUAL ARTS Desire Square – reading, visualizing and performing the town
  • DRAMA WORKSHOP Rituals of the New Age
  • PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP Student Cultural Epicenter
  • MUSIC WORKSHOP Jazz Mardi Gras



This year, the focus of the Summer Art School is the Old Town of Kotor in Montenegro. For more than two millennia, this fortress town at the foot of Mount Lovćen, at the very bottom of the Boka Kotorska Bay, has been one of the most beautiful natural ports in Europe. The massive ramparts surrounding the town give an additional emphasis to the constraint of its core. Passing the three gates of Kotor – Sea Gate, Gurdić Gate and River Gate – one enters into a maze of confusingly arranged and interlaced narrow streets and squares, with obvious traces of the Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque architecture. The town resembles an "open-air museum" with lavish palaces of famous seamen and traders – Bizanti, Pima, Grgurina, Buća, Beskuća – with spacious stone balconies, their coats-of-arms on facades, decorated interiors, floor mosaics and wells inside the yards. Its numerous churches - St. Luke, St. Maria, St. Paul, St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Health and the monumental Cathedral of St. Tryphon – represent priceless cultural and artistic monuments.


Desire Square – reading, visualizing and performing the town

Svetlana Volic
Faculty of Fine Arts

The initial and key points for the discovery and reading of the town will be the numerous Kotor squares, whose names deposit its history and memory: Arms Square (Clock Piazza), St. Tryphon Square (Kotor Mutiny Square), Karampana Piazza (Karampana – a public fountain in Kotor), St. Luke Square (St. Nicholas Square, Scorpio Square, Brotherhood and Unity Square), Škaljari Piazza (Scala Santa Tavern Square, Salad Piazza), Flour Square, Square of Blessed Osanna (Wood Piazza), Museum Square (Boka Navy Square), Milk Piazza, Prison Piazza, Cinema Square (Town Library Square, St. Michael Piazza – Lapidarium, Gringo and Daniela Piazza, Disabled Home Square).


Rituals of the New Age

Snežana Trišić
Faculty of Dramatic Arts

The Drama Workshop will revise the phenomenon of rituals and the concept of ritual theater in contemporary theater practice and contemporary social context. In the first phase, we are going to introduce and reconstruct basic elements of the ritual theater through history, followed by specific rituals of the workshop participants, which may have to do with their heritage, the context they come from, or their completely intimate needs and habits.

Student Cultural Epicenter

Vladimir Perić
Faculty of Applied Arts

The workshop includes various areas of creativity – photography, photographic procedures of digital editing, design, calligraphy and typography, as well as painting techniques such as collage. These involve photographing in the field, finding, identifying and documenting natural and artificial forms that associate alphabet characters (examples of starting points that can serve as signs – cracks, damages, anomalies and waste materials in natural and urban environments, etc.).

Jazz Mardi Gras

Dragan Ćalina
Faculty of Music

The jazz workshop is inspired by the carnival tradition of Kotor, which represents a festival of multiculturalism and celebrations in honor of the town itself. The themes of the Kotor Carnival have always been of the widest range – from comic and absurd to high and socially engaged. The Carnival is the state of mind of this town, one of the most intriguing cultural manifestations and its way of life.

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