Lucie Strecker (Art&Science) beim CairoTronica Festival vom 3.5. - 17.5. vertreten!

Installation und Performance

17. April 2018

Lucie Strecker (Art&Science) ist im Rahmen ihres Forschungsprojektes "The Performative Biofact“ beim CairoTronica Festival vom 3. 5. - 17.5. vertreten.
Klaus Spiess and Lucie Strecker interactively experiment with audiences, the non-human agency of fungi, cells or DNA, biotechnologies and media. For CairoTronica 2018 they question their own involvement in a monetary art industry: What gives a work of art value? How might a valuation outside of capitalist art economics work? How might we create unexpected connections between the other-than-human and our own economic dilemma?

The installation and performance Mykovaluta is a live economic experiment with microbes from the artists’ guts. Spiess and Strecker connect them in real time to the valuations of their work on the art market. Fungi are mutually accustomed to humans and mediate between the human central nervous system and the surrounding ecosystems. Bred fungi in general are sensitive to exploitative domestication: their metabolism and sexual reproduction resists industrial profit-making. In an onstage breeding bioreactor the gut fungi perform art valuation processes as ‘second nature’. This derivative further alienates monetary valuations’ existing alienation from natural resources, making the strangeness of life’s pricing even stranger.