The Institute for Conservation of the University of Applied Arts Vienna is meeting international cooperating partners in Konavle to preserve cultural heritage in Croatia.

10. April 2018

Together with the international cooperating partners from Dubvronik, Germany and Hungary the Institute for Conservation is developing a plan to carry out a collection care project in Konavle Heritage Museum.
The Konavle Heritage Museum in Čilipi was founded in 1974 and bears rich ethnographic source material from the entire region of Konavle. Until the Homeland War in 1991, the museum was furnished like a typical Konavle house with furniture, utensils and a fireplace as well as exhibits of folk costumes, embroidery and weaving. Today there are some more than 600 exhibits in the ethnographic collection of the Konavle Heritage Museum – a preserved pre-war fundus and items purchased and donated to the museum in the post-war period.

International cooperating partners are:
Arts and Restoration Department, University of Dubrovnik
Institute for Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna
CICS-Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, Technische Hochschule Köln
Applied Arts Conservation Spezialitations, University of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Museum